Welcome to our brand new website, we are very excited to launch this new platform for community engagement and hope that if you are not already a member, you will be very soon!

The Fraser Island Association is a not-for-profit organisation that was formed in 1991 by passionate locals and visitors of Fraser Island. The Fraser Island Association is dedicated to the protection and conservation of the environment of Fraser Island and works with Governing bodies such as Queensland National Parks and Wildlife Service, Fraser Coast Council and state electorates.

The association seeks a balance between concern for the environment and the commercial and recreational use of the island. We represent our members and welcome feedback and collaboration with passionate residents and visitors to the island.

The main objectives of the Fraser Island Association are…

  • Protection of the rights of all businesses, residents and users of Fraser Island.

  • Management, protection, and conservation of the environment of Fraser Island for future generations.

  • Consultation with government and local authorities prior to any decisions relating to the future of Fraser Island are made. 

  • And, representation on any administrative body established to manage Fraser Island. 

Membership of the association is open to residents, landholders, commercial operators and visitors who appreciate and care for the island’s outstanding World Heritage values. For just $10 a year members are kept up to date with developments and issues affecting the island and its management through annual community meetings and quarterly newsletters.

The funds raised by our members are dedicated to supporting conservation and research projects. Join now for exclusive access to all the latest news and events.