The Fraser Island Association is involved with many community projects either through sponsorship or the volunteer work of the committee or members.

The Fraser Island Association is currently negotiating with the Fraser Coast Regional Council and the Department of Natural Resources and Mines to facilitate a formal arrangement to make the existing emergency helicopter landing area at Happy Valley able to be used by the larger rescue helicopters day or night.

Part of the landing area is on unallocated State Land, and the association is looking for a way to be able to provide improvements such as a concrete pad and an acceptable lighting system.


The Fraser Island Association has raised community concerns with the Federal Government about a mobile phone black spot on the ocean beach between Eli Creek and Indian Head.

The Eastern Beach is a gazetted highway, travelled daily by tourists numbering over 450,000 a year, a figure estimated by Queensland National Parks and Wildlife. The black spot area stretches about 35 kilometres and incorporates three major camping grounds and seven popular beach camping zones.

While the emergency service providers, Police, Ambulance, Rural Fire and QPWS have their own radio communications, the concerns are for the visitors who travel that beach and stay in those camping areas who are unable to call for assistance in that popular area of the island.

When ambulance response times can be critical, delays because of the mobile black spot may have dire consequences.

The Fraser Island Association opposes any proposal to close the beach from Hook Point to the 18km access track to the high tide road.

Arguments put forward to support the closure include protecting resting birds being disturbed by vehicles and providing a people-friendly, vehicle-free beach where families can wander and play without having to watch for vehicles.

The association has argued that the high-tide road is neither a suitable nor safe alternative and the beach should not be closed until or unless such a road is available.

The Fraser Island Association and its members support the Fraser Coast Council in their review of their waste management plan. There are currently no recycling facilities on the island for residents, business and visitors alike. This is something that we know needs to be rectified and are working closely with the council to find a suitable solution to the contamination issues that are preventing our recyclable waste to be recycled. We welcome your input too, so if you have any ideas that you think are valuable to this ongoing discussion, please do get in touch.

The Fraser Island does not support the concept of feeding stations and does not support a fenced sanctuary for dingoes

The Association affirms that the Fraser Island dingoes with their genetic and ecological status are of national significance and fully supports conservation efforts to sustain a viable and robust wild dingo population on Fraser Island.

We also support initiatives of public education about dingoes, the promotion of personal responsibility and parental vigilance for the safety of their children.

The association also supports a policy of no change of vehicle direction in pursuit of dingoes for photographs or for any other purpose relating to dingoes.

Each year the Fraser Island Association helps to organise a determined and ambitious effort to tackle a huge infestation of Easter Cassia on the island. It’s a collaborative effort with FIDO (Fraser Island Defenders Organisation) under the umbrella of FINIA (Fraser Island Natural Integrity Alliance). Easter Cassia is a colourful escapee garden plant from the Happy Valley township which threatens the National Park and World Heritage Area.